- A Seamy Look at Life in the Fast Lane -

by Susan Forrest, Pulitzer Prize Winning Criminal Investigative Journalist

For “The Willie Horton Story”

“A thirty-five year old mobster and his girlfriend were gunned down execution style in their car as they tried to drive away from a local bar.

Police say the murder of Paulie Lapienza of Lawrence was ordered by cocaine kingpins after discovering that Mr. Lapienza was a government informant.

The murders set off an unlikely chain of violent events that led to the arrest of Adrian Cabraal of Methuen - an alleged upper echelon drug dealer.

“Adrian finally broke the only law he couldn’t beat – he broke the law of averages,” U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Bobby Russo said as he led away Mr. Cabraal in handcuffs.

What you have just read is fiction – the synopsis of a book called Rules Of The Game. But author Bruce Fitzpatrick of Bradford wrote about what he knows and his book is dedicated “To anyone who has ever considered life in the fast lane.”

“This is not a milk and cookies book; nor is it a book for the meek and mild,” explained Mr. Fitzpatrick. “I didn’t write it to glorify ‘The Lifestyle’ because most people in The Lifestyle end up either in a penitentiary or a cemetery.”

Rules Of The Game follows the rise and fall of drug kingpin Adrian Cabraal. The first half deals with Mr. Cabraal’s involvement in The Lifestyle and ultimate downfall as a cocaine dealer. The second half of the book follows him behind the walls of a federal prison…

Excerpt from the Sunday Eagle Tribune,

Lawrence, MA


Bruce Markusen, Sr. Executive, Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

“The Tony Conigliaro Story is highly recommended, particularly for those of Red Sox Nation."

Jay Crawford, Sports Anchor, ESPN

“I loved it! So much I didn’t know. What a crazy story. You did a terrific job with it. I wish more young fans today knew exactly how good he really was! Thanks again!”

Ernie Paicopolos, Senior Executive, Fenway Nation

"This is a must-read for every Red Sox fan—those who lived through it all or those who need to know how it happened. Bruce Fitzpatrick does a masterful job of letting us all recall the amazing life of Tony C. We recommend the book highly."  

Julie Markakis, Childhood Sweetheart, Lifelong Friend

"I finished the book this morning.  I want to express my gratitude for such a great read. You truly captured Tony’s life.  I’m sure he is smiling down on you. I hope you sell tons of copies."

Nicholas Pileggi
, Author / Screenwriter - Goodfellas, Casino, City Hall, American Gangster

“I’ve known Bruce for a long time, and am familiar with his work. He writes with such conviction because he’s been there and done it.”

David Black , Award Winning Author / Screenwriter - Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues, Former Executive Producer CSI: Miami

“Bruce is a wonderful writer who drags his reader through his book by the heart.”

Susan Forrest, Pulitzer Prize Winning Criminal Investigative Journalist

Dr. Clive Leeman , PhD, English and African Literature

“A dramatically compelling novel, crackling with authenticity. It is relentlessly honest in its portrayal of prison life…at a time when the U.S. has become a gulag society.”

John Stover, Author The Road Runner

“For me, the art of Bruce’s writing is in the fact that most of his characters are Aristotelian in nature; that is they are already heroic men, of high stature, who fall from grace. Whether it be (Red Sox baseball legend) Tony C or drug kingpin Adrian Cabraal, they are men who are flawed to be sure, but who achieved transcendent status in their own chosen profession only to have it taken away and be faced with what the Greeks might consider a ‘testing from the gods’. This is the stuff of “classic tragedy”. The ultimate redemption of his characters is that they do meet the test, overcome their personal misfortunes and come out on top. Like Arthur Miller, Bruce has taken a classic theme, as old as any in story telling, and knocked it on its ass.”

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